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Michele Knapp
Conference Co-Chair
University of San Diego School of Law

Summer Steele
Conference Co-Chair
Oregon Health and Science University

Sagan Wallace
Registration Coordinator
Oregon State University

Jason Cabaniss
Budget Coordinator
Seattle University

Cotton Coslett
Program Committee
California State University at Fullerton

Ryan Litsey
Program Committee
Texas Tech University

Wendy Witczak
Program Committee
Mount Royal University

Miriam Wnuk
Program Committee & Preconference Event Coordinator
City University of Seattle

David Ketchum
Website Coordinator
University of Oregon

Alison Ray
Scholarship Coordinator
California Digital Library

Min Cedillo
Local Arrangements Coordinator
Portland State University

Alex Moran
Sponsor/Exhibitor Coordinator
University of San Diego

Catherine Paolillo
Survey Coordinator
University of San Diego